Our Purpose

MiTalent360 was created in partnership with multiple organizations and talent strategy professionals to address the changing needs of the workforce by:

  • Identifying strengths and gaps in an organization’s employer brand, hiring, and retention practices.
  • Providing the employers with insights with proven strategies from TalentFirst’s Talent Solutions Playbook and other best practices.
  • Assisting employers to enhance their talent strategy with built-in resources and actionable solutions.

The MiTalent Team

Alex Andrews
Alex Andrews● Director ofBusiness Intelligence & Workforce Innovationa.andrews@talentfirst.net
Allyssa Murphy
Allyssa MurphyMarketing and Communications Coordinator, The Right Placemurphya@rightplace.org
Carly Smyly
Carly Smyly Director of Employer Talent Strategies & Engagementc.smyly@talentfirst.net
John Wiegand
John WiegandBusiness Intelligence & Research Manager, The Right Placewiegandj@rightplace.org
Rafael Martinez
Rafael MartinezBusiness Intelligence & Research Manager, The Right Placemartinezr@rightplace.org
TaRita Johnson
TaRita JohnsonSenior Vice President of Talent and Diversity, The Right Placejohnsont@rightplace.org
Victor Joaquin
Victor JoaquinTalent Program Manager, The Right Placejoaquinv@rightplace.org
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